2011: Abcrea acquires Obweb with the aim of creating a structure able to provide a truly integrated service, developing communication with a first-class cross-media approach.

2012: the merger of the two firms engenders Jellyfish, a new-generation creative agency with the skills to develop innovative projects with outstanding strategic content.

Corso di Porta Romana 129,
20122 Milano
Ph. +39 02 5514220 / +39 02 55196460
P.IVA 07525650961

Marco Brunetti m.brunetti@jellyfishadv.com
Fabio di Santo f.disanto@jellyfishadv.com

Simone Sangiorgi s.sangiorgi@jellyfishadv.com

Adalberto E.M. Brunetti a.brunetti@jellyfishadv.com

Alessandro Siciliano a.siciliano@jellyfishadv.com

Federica Valtorta f.valtorta@jellyfishadv.com

We’re always on the lookout for fresh creative talent, for smart, motivated individuals.
Send us a detailed CV, and we’ll be happy to meet you face to face.

What are we looking for?
Someone with an enterprising attitude and a good dose of culture, who’s not afraid of hard work.

Jellyfish is composed of a team of communication professionals that work together to coordinate the resources of the two agencies. Abcrea and Obweb thus operate in complete synergy, while both maintaining their own distinct vertical specialisation.

A Milanese advertising agency founded by the talented Adalberto Maria Edgardo Brunetti and today run by new partners able to combine a fresh, creative approach with the solid experience earned over 25 years spent at the service of major Italian and international brands.


Set up in 1999 by a group of web pioneers, OBWEB develops multimedia projects and plays a leading-edge role in the field of new and social media.