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If we can’t stop global warming, we’ll try to stop time.



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Paul & Shark is an Italian fashion brand that lives, as they all do, in the images of models and locations that often seem slick and far from reality.

The technical characteristics of their garments however, are capable of facing extreme conditions, that are very real in some places on the planet.

Creating an expedition that challenges -40° degrees centigrade for a good cause is the best way to test it. In real time.


Alex Bellini crosses the Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe, along its entire length. Paul and Shark provide him with items of clothing, tailor made to face the challenge.

Together we can offer more strength to the real situation: the glacier is about to disappear.

Images in real time, shared by the explorer via the brand’s social media profile, bring us places and conditions that may no longer be here tomorrow. Gone forever.


184kms followed in real time during the crossing of one of Europe’s largest glaciers.

The Aurora Borealis, on-route scenes, temperatures well under zero, made Freeze the Shark an extraordinary adventure followed by more than 20 thousand people per day. Because in order to stop time, everyone’s awareness is required.