The Walt Disney Company Italia
Inside Out + Zootropolis

In search of talent on the web,
to transform viewers into character roles.



The Walt Disney Company Italia



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Italians always respond well to the request to demonstrate their artistic talents.

By displaying their talent, each user stops being just a spectator and becomes a character in the film.

With the web talent show we have changed the rules of the game:

Going to the movies to watch yourself.


Each film hides an interesting element in order to test the viewers.

To evaluate the candidates are outstanding judges capable of recognising true talent.

Whether its a new trailer with new aspects or a revised soundtrack, the characters are selected online.

That is how the film at the cinema, which you either did or did not win, talks about you.


The direct involvement of guest ambassadors, thousands of voice-over actors and talented musicians, played its part in the achievement of extraordinary goals. Inside Out was the film with the highest earnings of 2015.

Zootropolis, in fifth place, is among the highest earning animation films in the history of cinema.