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True love is the one that leaves a mark.



Pasquale Bruni



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Pasquale Bruni has always designed jewellery inspired by shapes in nature and that celebrate universal emotions.

With “Amore”, the brand chose to design jewellery that is perfect for those who have exchanged a promise, that make a choice for life.

Love, however, is not just that between a man and a woman. It is a story to tell. A single phrase that can stand the test of time. 


With #TrueAmore, Pasquale Bruni gave people a voice by asking them to express what true love is for them in a tweet.

Three lucky people saw their phrase engraved on the inside of a piece of jewellery, a lasting impression paying homage to the noble sentiment that moves the world and the other stars.

To launch the collection and the contest a true cupid, Alex Belli, with a monlogue that did not seem in line with the rules of brevity on the web, yet was able to convince so many to bare themselves.


#trueamore was among the trending topics on Twitter for two weeks during the launch phase of the business and Amore is still today among the most requested and highest selling collections by Pasquale Bruni in his boutiques around the world.